80/20 Kitchens

80/20 by Naked Kitchens is a stunning range of kitchens cabinets and accessories, offering all the beauty of a fully bespoke kitchen but cleverly engineered to save cost.

Developed to have an identical look and feel of a Naked Kitchen, the same beautifully distinctive painted doors and fronts, end panels, plinths and cornice. On the inside, still the same solid oak drawer boxes with dovetail joins, solid oak cutlery inserts, with bespoke sizes on every cabinet.

shaker style bespoke kitchen

Shaker style cabinets

constructed with a solid oak tenon and mortise joined frame with an oak veneered centre panel.

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slab style bespoke kitchen

Slab style cabinets

The Slab design adds an incredible amount of modern versatility to a kitchen.

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Why 80/20

The 80/20 rule also known as ‘Pareto’s Principle’ states that for many events, 80% of the impact comes from only 20% of the cause.

This rule is the guiding principle behind 80/20 Kitchens. What if you could get 80% of the look and feel of a truly stunning designer kitchen, but for around 20% of the price charged in London showrooms?

This inspires us to produce beautiful kitchens, making a designer kitchen accessible to a whole new market. And the missing 20%? That comes from you - you add the value by knowing what designs you like and how you want your kitchen to look and feel, and then ordering that online. We're effectively your own personal manufacturing service. It's incredibly compelling.

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Part of Naked Kitchens

Our sister company, Naked Kitchens, is the UK's fastest growing manufacturer of stunning bespoke kitchens. Each kitchen is unique, and our designs are sensational. We've combined fantastic design with technology you just don't see in the bespoke kitchen market - and the result? A kitchen engineered to an exceptional level of detail and quality.

80/20 kitchens was developed to look and feel almost identical to a Naked Kitchen, but for a price that makes sense.

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