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80/20 Kitchens is the latest innovation at Naked Kitchens, the UK's fastest growing and market leading bespoke kitchen designer and manufacturer. Created specifically to bridge the gap between ordinary mass produced and super high end bespoke kitchens, an 80/20 kitchen has all the beauty and design features of a real Naked Kitchen, but cleverly engineered to be compelling value for money. Developed to have the same look and feel as a Naked Kitchen, it boasts the same beautifully distinctive painted doors, fronts, frames, end panel, plinth cornice - in fact everything that you can see and touch. Even the drawers have the same stunning solid oak dovetailed boxes with super smooth runners. On the inside, the cabinets are sensational. In short, it's the perfect balance.

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Whilst it may not seem exciting to talk about machines and automation, its the combination of a huge investment in technology with the incredible skills of our joiners and finishers that makes this all possible. Our million pound spray line gives a finish others can (and do) only dream of, whilst the machines that cut all the components are so well optimised that our material wastage is less than 5%. It may not seem thrilling, but the reality is this is what makes our kitchens so compelling.

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Naked Kitchens and 80/20 kitchens are both a part of Norfolk Oak, the UK's only manufacturer of top quality timber worktops. We made our first kitchens over fifteen years ago, but they were expensive and very slow, the reality of making kitchens by hand. Ten years ago we started to invest in technology which led to Naked Kitchens, and that journey of enormous investment in people and technology continues. Last year we were invited to be a part of the Parliamentary Review as an outstanding example of British manufacturing, and earlier this year we presented our success as key speaker for HSBC business growth strategies alongside their Global Chief Economist. We're very proud of what we do, but we're also only too aware that we need to keep improving, making better kitchens with better design and better materials. We know that to survive we have to grow, and that to grow we need to be at the forefront of every aspect of manufacturing. We can never afford to be complacent or let our standards slip - we are only as good as the last kitchen we made, which is why we go to so much trouble to make absolutely sure it really is fabulous.

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