Kelling Kitchen

It’s been over a year since we launched our brand 80/20 Kitchens, and we’ve been busy ever since! Ever since customers found out about us, they realised that the quality and design of the product that we were offering for the incredible price point, was something that they wanted in their home. We can provide so many different looks for your home, with the option of traditional shaker to modern painted slab, with so many different handle options.

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Modern Shaker

We haven’t had much chance to update the blog recently as we’ve just been so busy, but luckily our customers have been sending through updates of their kitchen projects for us to share with you all. We’ve created so many beautiful kitchens for customers recently, however this was actually one of the first kitchens we ever created for 80/20. We absolutely love how this is such a simple, modern kitchen with beautiful clean lines and symmetry throughout.

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Pelham Kitchen

It’s been quite a while since we last checked in here, but things have been crazy busy here at 80/20 Kitchens. We’ve been busier than ever creating beautiful kitchens for our customers as well as increasing our portfolio of kitchen designs. 80/20 Kitchens are making more and more unique, bespoke kitchens, experimenting with designs and pushing the boundaries of traditional kitchen design.

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The Beach House

Recently we had the privilege of working alongside Norfolk By Design on another kitchen project. As you know 80/20 Kitchens offers the same distinct look as Naked Kitchens, but using a different material specification and business model, we are able to offer a lower price for our customers. 80/20 Kitchens offers so many different styles, including the Beach House, which is one the latest kitchen projects we have completed here at 80/20 Kitchens.

Beautifully sleek, with a smooth cabinet finish to really help the incredible Dock Blue colour take centre stage in the room and add to the contemporary feel of the property. Bright, modern furniture and artwork add personality to the room, and are beautiful examples of the pieces that are available through Norfolk by Design, with whom we collaborated with for this project.

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Mad About The House Collab

So it’s been a while since we updated this blog,and for that we apologise! It’s been an absolute whirlwind here at 80/20 since we launched at the beginning of the year, and a few things have slipped under the radar. Many of you may have stumbled across this page by accident, or those that are here on purpose, this post is about everything that we’ve got planned, and what you can expect to see from 80/20 in the near future!

Well, since we launched it’s been crazy! We couldn’t have predicted the popularity of our product, and we’ve been been pretty much flat out since the launch in January. It’s been a very quick learning curve for us, as any new product launch is, and we’ve quickly learnt what does and doesn’t work to ensure that we are producing the best possible product we can for our customers. We’ve actually created over 40 different kitchens for our customers, each one being completely unique and incredibly beautiful.

When we launched we started with only a small number of products, knowing that as we grew there would be a number of different requests from customers that we would eventually add to our portfolio. We now offer five different handle and handle-less door options, 4 different finish options- including a painted finish in any colour of your choice, and standard and bespoke size options! We aim to create our customers dream kitchens, so will always do whatever we can to enable this, including adding new options to our website. Our latest addition was the Kensington handle, which is an innovative take on the original Ladbroke handle, providing a beautiful modern look to a kitchen.

We also had an incredible collaboration with blogger and author Kate Watson Smyth from Mad About The House. Kate was looking for a new kitchen for life, to replace her- still perfectly functional but very lived in- IKEA kitchen, and we were very keen for her to try out our 80/20 Kitchens! We reached out to Kate to see if she would be interested in collaborating with us to help raise awareness of our brand, as well as us helping to update her kitchen.

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The Olympia Kitchen

Despite the Ideal Home Show at London being all wrapped up now, we can’t stop thinking about the beautiful kitchen we created with Sophie Robinson for the Innovation Home for the exhibition!

We were originally contacted near the end of January about being involved in this project. Sophie and Edwina Boase, the head stylist involved in this project knew they wanted to work with a bespoke kitchen company, who were British-based and leading the way in contemporary designs, and this search led them to us!

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Welcome To 80/20 Kitchens!

Have you always dreamt of having a particular kitchen in your home, but always put in the ‘never going to happen’ section in the back of your mind? A kitchen that has been planned over and over so many times, where you’ve probably even reached the point of contacting companies, and then been quoted simply ridiculously high prices for poor quality kitchens, so it’s back to simply dreaming about it instead. At Naked Kitchens, we know that our kitchens are often coveted by many. Designed and manufactured at our Norfolk base, a Naked Kitchen is a kitchen of absolutely incredible quality, elegance and style. We do however understand that a Naked Kitchen may unfortunately not be within many people’s budget.

80/20 Kitchens is our solution to this. Designed by Naked Kitchens and manufactured using exactly the same processes in the same Norfolk base, 80/20 Kitchens is a range designed to be a cost-effective version of a designer kitchenWith an almost identical look to a Naked Kitchen, the only difference between the ranges is that the 80/20 range is constructed using a different carcass material. This different material is known as Egger Board. This material was chosen as it is incredibly high quality, easy to work with, and created a way for us to produce a beautiful kitchen at a much lower price for our customers. Every other material within this range is exactly the same as a Naked Kitchen!

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