Have you always dreamt of having a particular kitchen in your home, but always put in the ‘never going to happen’ section in the back of your mind? A kitchen that has been planned over and over so many times, where you’ve probably even reached the point of contacting companies, and then been quoted simply ridiculously high prices for poor quality kitchens, so it’s back to simply dreaming about it instead. At Naked Kitchens, we know that our kitchens are often coveted by many. Designed and manufactured at our Norfolk base, a Naked Kitchen is a kitchen of absolutely incredible quality, elegance and style. We do however understand that a Naked Kitchen may unfortunately not be within many people’s budget.

80/20 Kitchens is our solution to this. Designed by Naked Kitchens and manufactured using exactly the same processes in the same Norfolk base, 80/20 Kitchens is a range designed to be a cost-effective version of a designer kitchenWith an almost identical look to a Naked Kitchen, the only difference between the ranges is that the 80/20 range is constructed using a different carcass material. This different material is known as Egger Board. This material was chosen as it is incredibly high quality, easy to work with, and created a way for us to produce a beautiful kitchen at a much lower price for our customers. Every other material within this range is exactly the same as a Naked Kitchen!

Throughout the process of creating this brand, it’s fair to say it was given a lot of different names. But we decided to look closer at what we do, and as soon as we thought about it, the 80/20 name was actually incredibly easy to decide. The 80/20 rule- where 80% of the impact comes from 20% of the cause in nearly any situation- is something that we completely live by, which is why it was the guiding principle behind the range. We created this range to provide the opportunity to have 80% of the look and feel of a designer, bespoke kitchen, at only 20% of a London showroom price.

With 80/20 also brings new platforms for us. One of the first things we wanted to do when we developed this range, was to ensure that the method used to purchase these products was as user-friendly as possible. Because of this, we decided to make 80/20 Kitchens an online-only purchasing system. We have created a very large range of products for customers to choose from, and have created online images for our customers to see what the cabinetry looks like, along with our 80/20 Kitchens social media pages.

80/20 Kitchens offer a variety of different finishes, including an Oak Veneer finish which is beautiful and incredibly welcoming, a Painted finish which can be colour matched to any colour of your choice and provides a multitude of opportunities. Our beautiful Walnut veneer finish also offers an incredible sophistication to a room, and the White Wash Oak Veneer finish which is a beautiful contemporary choice. Alongside this, we also offer a number of different handle styles for your kitchen that will work whether you’re looking for a contemporary or traditional feel for your room. The handle-less Ladbroke and J-Groove detailing are beautifully contemporary whilst our shaker style cabinets look incredible with any handle from the range on our website.

We truly believe that this range of kitchens will be as popular as we believe it should be. An absolutely beautiful kitchen range at the most incredible price range, that has the look and feel of a Naked Kitchen. What’s not to love? The photos featured in this blog post are all taken from a recent project we completed for a housing development project in Norfolk where the kitchens were all created from our 80/20 Kitchens range.

Check out our social media pages, which will soon be full of photos of our beautiful kitchens- Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!