It’s been over a year since we launched our brand 80/20 Kitchens, and we’ve been busy ever since! Ever since customers found out about us, they realised that the quality and design of the product that we were offering for the incredible price point, was something that they wanted in their home. We can provide so many different looks for your home, with the option of traditional shaker to modern painted slab, with so many different handle options. The Kelling Kitchen is a more traditional offering for you home, that has a beautiful sophisticated elegance due to the shaker cabinetry and neutral colour palette. By adding in bespoke features and innovative technology, this traditional kitchen has been given a cool modern update that makes it the perfect design for any home. V-Groove detailing on the end panels is a brilliant option for your 80/20 Kitchen. It is a subtle detail that when added to the room, grabs your eye but doesn’t take all of the attention away from the rest of the kitchen. By introducing these subtle details, it adds such a bespoke and designer feel to the room, combining with the already incredibly high end feel of the cabinetry. Warm oak worktops add a beautiful feeling of warmth to a room, and make it feel so inviting and cosy, despite it’s open plan layout. Whilst many kitchens we have seen so far this year have been colourful, bright and bold, neutral colours are still here to stay. There is something so comforting about a beautiful traditional grey kitchen. A colour that is sophisticated and elegant, yet never feels cold or stark. Combined with lots of timber, a grey colour palette really makes the kitchen an inviting room, that will be the heart of your home. Beautiful bespoke features in this room are all made from oak effect egger board, which has such a beautiful pale colour. By adding such a useful yet eye catching feature into the island means this is a perfect area to sit and socialise with friends and family over a drink or supper. Open shelving means you can easily reach for your items, whilst adding personality to the room by having your favourite items or books on display. Check out our Instagram page for more beautiful images of our kitchen designs.