Kelling Kitchen

It’s been over a year since we launched our brand 80/20 Kitchens, and we’ve been busy ever since! Ever since customers found out about us, they realised that the quality and design of the product that we were offering for the incredible price point, was something that they wanted in their home. We can provide so many different looks for your home, with the option of traditional shaker to modern.. Read More

Modern Shaker

We haven’t had much chance to update the blog recently as we’ve just been so busy, but luckily our customers have been sending through updates of their kitchen projects for us to share with you all. We’ve created so many beautiful kitchens for customers recently, however this was actually one of the first kitchens we ever created for 80/20. We absolutely love how this is such a simple, modern kitchen.. Read More

Pelham Kitchen

It’s been quite a while since we last checked in here, but things have been crazy busy here at 80/20 Kitchens. We’ve been busier than ever creating beautiful kitchens for our customers as well as increasing our portfolio of kitchen designs. 80/20 Kitchens are making more and more unique, bespoke kitchens, experimenting with designs and pushing the boundaries of traditional kitchen design.

Mad About The House Collab

So it’s been a while since we updated this blog,and for that we apologise! It’s been an absolute whirlwind here at 80/20 since we launched at the beginning of the year, and a few things have slipped under the radar. Many of you may have stumbled across this page by accident, or those that are here on purpose, this post is about everything that we’ve got planned, and what you.. Read More

Welcome To 80/20 Kitchens!

Have you always dreamt of having a particular kitchen in your home, but always put in the ‘never going to happen’ section in the back of your mind? A kitchen that has been planned over and over so many times, where you’ve probably even reached the point of contacting companies, and then been quoted simply ridiculously high prices for poor quality kitchens, so it’s back to simply dreaming about it.. Read More

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