Kensington Style

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The Kensington Handle is a brand new concept that we designed in collaboration with the 2LG Studio. Inspired by our incredibly successful Ladbroke handle, we wanted to create a new handle design that would work perfectly in any size kitchen providing a feature point on every cabinet.

The Kensington handle provides a clean, fresh look for a kitchen and is a new modern design for 80/20 Kitchens. Using two semi-circle Ladbroke handles and combining them together on drawer fronts or doors to create one large circle, this handle is a contemporary addition to any modern kitchen. This handle works beautifully in pairs, but also looks incredible as a statement semi-circle.

The new handle design looks incredible in any modern kitchen, as it provides a fresh new element to the room, that is subtle yet incredibly eye-catching.

The Kensington Handle looks particularly exceptional on a grain visible cabinet, mixing textures and giving incredible depth to the room.

Photography by Megan Taylor

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